A Message from our Centre Manager

Dear Parents,

It is my greatest pleasure as Centre Manager to welcome you to our Amity ELC community! Amity Early Learning Centre is part of the internationally recognised Amity Education Group, with our mission and goals aligned to ensure quality Education and Care within outstanding, sector-leading learning environments and facilities. I believe that children in Early Years are intrinsically competent learners, capable of achieving infinite skills and knowledge, and our team at Amity ELC are excited to support your child’s early foundation as they begin their learning journey.

Directed by the UK National EYFS curriculum, we integrate elements of the best early years practice from around the world. We pride ourselves on offering a child-initiated curriculum, whereby our young learners are given autonomy over their learning and assimilate new skills and knowledge related to the world around them from a wealth of ‘real-life’ experiences.

Our enriched learning experience includes:

  • Project-based learning where our teachers facilitate stimulating and engaging open-ended experiences as a response to the children’s individual interests and needs.
  • Inspiring and inviting environments that provide a comfortable, smooth transition between home and school and allows children to build relationships and enhance their confidence and wellbeing.
  • An inclusive curriculum which instills ‘respect for all’, celebrating diversity in our society and equal opportunities for all students. 

We hope that you enjoy reading our monthly newsletters to immerse yourself in the vibrant life at Amity ELC!

I look forward to seeing you at the Centre! Thank you for your support and partnership.

Warm regards,
Ms. Angharad Cadwell