We have special Baby Rooms that encourage play and learning activities.

Infants follow the same routines that parents instill at home. With our nurturing programme, we aim to give children the same love and care that parents provide at home, while promoting development through a wide variety of experiences, opportunities and activities.

With busy schedules, parents often miss out their child’s developmental milestones. At the Amity Early Learning Centre, we provide constant updates on their progress and growth, so parents don’t miss out on some of the key magical moments.


Your child begins their pre-school journey when they reach 2 to 3 years old. Our programme includes a number of vital skills, laying the path for your child to transition towards their Foundation Stages. From potty training to managing their emotions for social skills, which are further developed as they begin to interact with others, while sharing and taking turns. Our Pre - School children learn and grow while having fun along the way!

Foundation Stage 1

Our EYFS curriculum gathers further momentum in this stage of your child’s development, while ensuring their learning experience is a fun-filled adventure! Using a play-based learning model, our Early Years Foundation Stage Programme (EYFS) enables your little one to practice phonics, focus on correct letter formation and develop confidence in expressing themselves. They begin this leg of their journey at 3 to 4 years of age.

Foundation Stage 2

Our final stage of learning and most vital one begins when your child reaches the age of 4 to 5 years old. Our EYFS programme continues to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. This is achieved by our highly trained teachers who motivate and nurture our little ones to develop their own ideas, make links between them and construct strategies to bring those ideas to life! Reading plays an important role during this stage of their development.