Our British curriculum nurtures your child
Our British curriculum nurtures your child

Amity ELC offers the UK National Curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage and we use ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ as our core set of learning objectives. We also create more personalised learning objectives by taking guidance from our Language Programme, SEN Detailed Profile, Reading, Writing and Math Developmental skills ladder.

Our philosophy and curriculum are based on the understanding that each child is an individual with unique interests, learning styles and needs. At Amity ELC we want to immerse children in a world of wonder, awe and imagination. We give children access to beautiful, inspiring and natural material and content that encourages out-of-the-box thinking, both inside and outside the classroom.

Project based Learning
Project based Learning


Curriculum at AELC takes an innovative, emergent approach and comes, mostly, in the form of projects. These projects are based on what an individual or group of children are talking about or from a teacher’s observation of the things that capture a child’s imagination and interest.

Projects begin with teachers observing and questioning the children about a topic of interest. Based on the child's response, teachers introduce materials, questions, and opportunities that encourage a child to further explore ideas.

Projects can vary in length from a few days to several weeks depending on a child’s engagement.

Children then tend to take over the project and the curriculum matter begins to emerge. Teachers prepare weekly plans depending on where children want to go next within the project, these short term plans will include clear objectives, enhanced provision opportunities, specific differentiation etc.

Learning Environment

Every inch of our space must, to the best of our ability, be designed and used to respond to our children’s interests and allow for fun, challenging and imaginative play without needing direct input from an adult. We often refer to this physical environment as the "third teacher".

At Amity ELC we want to immerse children in a world of wonder, awe and imagination. We give them access to lots of beautiful, inspiring and natural material.

# Inside Environment - The indoor facility we provide is focused on building knowledge and contributing to a child’s development and early learning. The idea is that there are absolutely no expectations on a child in these areas, they are allowed to freely explore and combine resource, read books, create art, play games, or make their own discoveries using available material.

# Outside Environment - Teaching teams must also create and maintain an outdoor area that engages a child’s imaginations and builds upon the fascination that is sparked in a classroom. Each of our outdoor areas have been carefully planned in order to support the concept of learning through play. From our splash pad, baby & toddler play areas and FS play area to peace gardens and sand play areas, we have a range of sensory learning facilities to offer.