Adjusting our learning programmes to benefit gifted and special needs
Adjusting our learning programmes to benefit gifted and special needs

Amity Early Learning Centre is committed  to maintaining  a  bias-free environment  where  all  children  are  afforded  equal  opportunities  to  learn  and  grow,  and  are welcomed  and  respected,  and  treated  with  dignity.   We are committed to offering a service that meets the needs of all families in our community and strive to instill values of diversity within our students and staff, placing great value on the policy - ‘respect for all’.

We understand our responsibility to ensure positively towards diversity and difference- not only so that every child is included and not disadvantaged, but also so that they learn from an early age to value and respect diversity in society.

  • All children are entitled to enjoy their lives in conditions that will help them take part in society and develop as an individual, preserving their own cultural and spiritual beliefs.
  • We work with parents at all stages of a child’s education to ensure their journey is fulfilling and comprehensive.
  • We encourage children to recognise and work on their own unique qualities.
  • We make an effort to adjust learning programmes to support gifted children.

Amity Early Learning Centre aims to support the families of children who need additional support, ensuring that they have access to our centre and its facilities.


> We meet with parents to identify the level of support required by the child, and to assess if the centre can meet this level of support.

> We meet with other professionals involved with the family, for example Speech & Language, Physiotherapists etc., to identify how we can further support their efforts.

> We introduce members of staff to the child so they get to know each other.  This is important to be able to build comfort with their surroundings.

> We identify an existing member of staff who can support the child’s needs and provide the level of support required.

> We also provide additional training to existing staff members to enable them to meet the needs of a child.